Zojirushi NP-HBC10 Rice Cooker Review

Selected among our favorite for the best rice cooker reviews, this amazing rice cooker comes with MICOM technology and Induction heating system.

Although Zojirushi is a name in technology and state-of-art productions, but this one is certainly worth having.

Containing an LED display and multi-menu cooking functions, this model comes as an affordable model for small–scale families to use in terms of capacity. It can help you try out the recipes that you had been waiting on for so long.

Yes! Just tell Zojirushi NP-HBC10 what’s on menu (porridge, sushi, paella, and other options), time they have been presoaked, cooking time and temperature, and let it do the work.

The model comes in 5 and a half cup capacity that makes about 11 servings at a time.

By the time you will read our Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-HBC10 review, we are sure you will certainly want to buy it.


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Zojirushi NP-HBC10 Review


Why you should have Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-HBC10

  • The NP-HBC 10 is equipped with the state-of-the-art induction heating (IH) system that allows for even distribution of heat around the pot.  The inner pot is thick, round and black and allows an even distribution of heat with the heat-induction technology. In an induction heating system, the whole inner pot is transformed into heat conductor, instead of just the flat bottom surface and this allows the heat to transfer through the whole pot. The rice is thus, cooked more quickly and uniformly than the conventional rice cooker.
  • zojirushi np hbc10 micomThe MICOM technology, which makes use of the micro computerized chip allows you to go beyond the typical on/off limits, and lets the machine decide whether it should continue or cease, depending on what you cook. For instance, the porridge is best when cooked on low temperatures, while the sushi rice easier to manage when they are a little firmer. Tap in the settings the way you require and MICOM will adjust the temperature and timings according to how the recipe demands!
  • zojirushi np hbc10 RICE COOKERS brown riceAn array of options lets you decide the settings from whether you want white rice or brown rice, and whether you want it harder or soft. It also gives other scrumptiously convenient options for porridge, sushi, sweet rice and more.
  • The healthier options in the settings go on to include brown rice, GABA rice and even germinated brown rice. Preparing healthy meals for your food-loving family has just turned to a breeze for you. Healthy cooking had just gotten very easy.
  • zojirushi-np-hbc10-inner-potThe unit is made up of stainless less inside out. This makes the unit easy to clean and maintain.
  • You will love to flaunter the amazingly stylish rice cooker over your kitchen counters, because of its sleek design and body. Storing it in a cabinet is also quite manageable, thanks to its real compact design.zojirushi-np-hbc10 lcd
  • The control panel exhibits a clear LCD display so that you can make suitable settings in the most convenient manner.


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Is there any reason of not buying it? We don’t think so except…
High technology and more functions ultimately mean a higher price, so set your heart on this beauty only if you are ready to pay for it!
What’s more?

      • Measurements: 8 inches x 10 inches x 14 inches
      • Color:Stainless steel
      • Built from: Stainless steel
      • Product of Korea
      • Comes with: Spatula, spatula holder, and rice-measuring cup
      • Wattage: 1230 Watts


Scoring out of 5:

      • Design: 5
      • Ease of use: 5
      • Price: 5
      • Overall rating: 5

A variety of recipes is available here to help you cook in your rice cooker!


Bottom Line

This rice cooker by Zojirushi comes for avid rice lovers who like their rice of any type in all forms. Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-HBC10 review covers all what this model has to offer. Try out this amazing rice cooker and you will not be disappointed.

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