Aroma Professional Rice Cooker Review

Are you in charge of a large family? Or are you talented enough to be running a small food business, or the like?

We have just the right apparatus for you! Read out Aroma professional rice cooker review to get the best idea of what it offers.

Aroma Professional Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB

This model by the leading makers of best rice cookers in USA is designed to give you an ultimate professional experience by helping you to make a staggering 20 cups of rice at a time.

It has different functions for white rice, brown rice and even steam.

This means that you can steam your meat and vegetables in the cooker too, rather than just make a variety of rice recipes.

With its Sensorlogic technology, Smart steam, and Quick Rice function, the Aroma Professional Rice Cooker truly takes electronic rice cooking to another level.


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Specifications of Aroma Professional Rice Cooker


  1. Dimensions: 10.8 x 10.8 x 11.2 inches
  2. Manufactured in USA
  3. Special features: Smart steam function, Quick rice function and Sensorlogic technology
  4. Material: Stainless steel
  5. Color: Black and silver (1 only)
  6. Delay timer: 15 hours
  7. Accessories: Recipe Booklet, 1 Steam Tray, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Serving spoon and Soup Ladle

The Benefits of Having Aroma Professional Rice Cooker

  • The Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker is ideal for very large families, small-scale home-based businesses and restaurants.
  • This is another one in a series of easy to use cookers with the simple options to make white and brown rice, slow cook or keep warm.
  • The lengthy delay timer enables you to delay the cooking process till the time you want the meal ready. This way you can dedicate the essential quality time to your kids, other chores or rather, yourself instead of staying alert in the kitchen.
  • It offers the functions of steamer and slow cooker too. This digital rice cooker has multiple easy to use functions that make its use an absolute fun cooking experience.
  • The digital display helps you to keep track of how the rice is coming out.
  • The nonstick inner pot is easily removable that enables easy cleanup when all ends to leave you weary.
  • The sensorlogic technology enables the appliance to actually think by itself as it cooks, in order to adjust the temperature and other settings according to the need of the rice as they cook.
  • Smart steam option sets the steam time to shut off automatically when you want it to.
  • and vegetables as long as want it to, in order to complement them with your rice as you delve into your hearty meal and a healthy lifestyle.


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The Drawbacks:

  • Large capacity requires large storage, so before you buy this item make sure that you have enough space available to keep it.
  • The perfection of rice in this cooker is only subject to whether you measure the rice with the cup that comes along. In the opposite case, you might just mess up the rice ratio with water and end up with the desired sticky rice, or overly grainy rice. SO THE CUP HOLDS IMPORTANCE!
  • The non-stick coating also means that there might be harmful chemicals making their way into your food.


Over All Scoring:
Design: 4.8
Ease of use: 5
Price 5
Overall: 5


Botoom Line

With this unit, do not restrict yourself to just making rice because you can make soups and other stuff just as conveniently.

The Aroma professional rice cooker review and the ARC-2000ASB_InstructionManual booklet with the unit will give you plenty of ideas to use and cook you can even become an expert enough to make a cake in it- seriously!

Treat your loved ones with delicious meals without worrying over a thing now. Aroma professional rice cooker takes care of all your large needs! You can also check bestseller rice cookers on Aroma Rice Cookers page now!

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